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Welcome back dear loyal readers of CF MODA, we are very satisfied and happy to have you here with us and more and more, as well as the affection you reserve for us every day. In today’s article we will talk about one of the most loved and long-lived Hollywood actors, in fact we will go to see all the films and TV programs of Will Smith.

We will make a detailed list of those to see absolutely.

Will Smith biography

Let’s begin to know more about the life of Will Smith, who is considered one of the most powerful, richest and most influential actors in the whole world.

Born in the United States, more precisely in Philadelphia, on September 25, 1968, into a US middle-class family.

Second born of four children by his parents Caroline Bright, head teacher and, Willard Carroll Smith, industrial technician.

From a young age he approaches the music scene of the area, where he meets Jeff Townes at a party, with whom he will begin a partnership that lasted several years, namely:

DJ duo Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
Which allowed him to gain a lot of popularity.

Will Smith TV Shows

Definitely the stepping stone for Will Smith’s film career to the best films was the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Known here in Italy as Willy the Bel Air Prince.

Originally airing in the United States on NBC from September 10, 1990 to May 20, 1996, with a total number of 148 episodes, divided into six seasons.

Very famous also in our territory, it was broadcast for the first time on Italia 1 starting from 20 September 1993, until 3 December 1996.

Plot Willy the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
The plot of the series closely reflects the real life of the protagonist Will Smith, who here plays the role of a parody version of him.

Specifically, the story is told of a young street kid, very smart and intelligent, who moves from Philadelphia (where he was born) to his rich maternal uncles, going to live in their luxurious villa in Bel-Air.

However, his lifestyle does not often agree with that of his relatives.

In the Prince of Bel Air cast there are, in addition to the aforementioned Smith Will, also Dj Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro, who played the curious cousin Carlton Banks, in addition to the late James Avery (who played the role of uncle Phil).

Movie List Will Smith

After having come to light thanks to the successful TV series Prince of Bel Air, Will Smith’s upcoming film began to get noticed by the world of cinema.

His debut in this sector, in fact, was not long in coming.

First Movie Will Smith
In 1992 participates in his first film Will Smith, called THE DAMNED OF HOLLYWOOD.

The plot of this film Will Smith talks about a group of kids who resort to gimmicks to survive in the streets of Los Angeles.

6 Degrees of separation
But the film that allows him to enter the circle that counts is undoubtedly 6 DEGREES OF SEPARATION.

1993 film directed by Fred Schepisi and Donald Sutherland as the main actor.

In fact, thanks to this success, Will Smith actor leads the MTV MUSIC AWARD in 1994, leaving him definitively towards a stellar career.

Best Movies Will Smith

So let’s see what are the most important and iconic films of this histrionic Hollywood interpreter.


Let’s start with the first film that made him known to the general public, BAD BOYS from 1995.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys movies, Will smith movies, Will Smith movies and tv shows
First installment of a trilogy, so far followed in order by 2003’s BAD BOYS 2 and 2020’s BAD BOYS FOR LIFE.

Therefore, Bad Boys film tells the story of a pair of detectives from the narcotics department, friends also in private life, grappling with various ups and downs, between spectacular actions and hilarious moments.

The main protagonists, in addition to the upcoming Will Smith film, are the famous comedian Martin Lawrence.

Thanks to the popularity achieved with the previous film, he was offered an important part in the sci-fi blockbuster, shot in 1996, INDEPENDENCE DAY, directed by Roland Emmerich.

Independence day, Will Smith movies, Will Smith Independence day, Will Smith movies and tv shows
Here our Will Smith plays the role of the captain of the US Air Force, Steven Hiller, who must stand in the way of the alien invasion of the Earth, which begins with the cancellation of the symbols of the United States of America.

It was a worldwide success and this meant that Will Smith’s quotation increased a lot.

Always staying in the field of science fiction and aliens, in 1997, actor Will Smith took part in the lead role of the film MEN IN BLACK.

Also in this case it is a successful trilogy.

In fact, after the progenitor, MEN IN BLACK 2 (filmed in 2002) and MEN IN BLACK 3 (2012) followed.

All films were directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.

The plot tells of this hypothetical secret organization, the MEN IN BLACK, which controls the extraterrestrials present on Earth, with a vein between the comic and the surreal.

In the cast of the three films, the other main protagonist, Tommy Lee Jones (present in all films) and Josh Brolin in the third episode stand out.

Will Smith Oscar

After a very long and prodigious career, with many dramatic and action Will Smith films, among which we remember:

  • ALÌ, biopic about the great boxer Muhammad Ali
  • until arriving at the film Will Smith and son, AFTER HEARTH
  • Finally after many nominations, Will Smith finally wins the Oscar for best actor in 2022 for the film A WINNING FAMILY, playing Richard Williams, father and coach of sisters Venus and Serena Williams, internationally renowned tennis player, for which he also won the Golden Globe .

Will Smith upcoming movie

Let’s see now, after reviewing Will Smith’s prolific career, which is his latest film, recently available on the best streaming platforms.

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Directed by Antoine Fuqua and set in 1863, it tells the story of a slave named Peter who escapes from the swamp where he was imprisoned, making a journey full of dangers, as ruthless hunters are on his tail.

Along the way, he manages to enlist in the Union Army which is fighting in the Civil War.

Synonymous with the search for freedom at all costs, it is a very raw and intense drama film, but with a very deep underlying message.

Well dear readers of CF MODA, now that you know which are the best Will Smith movies and TV shows, what do you want to see?

CF MODA, The Editorial team



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